Bow Stern

| November 13, 2010

Bow Stern
no one knows from experience, please phone to rainbow colored lights shine as bi?

OK now, he saw hundreds of arc lights mobile and stern lights of the night my kayaking. None of them states how SHINE / SPRING. If you do not ask that question. I do not like what "their" fire I can buy. I just want to be safe and legal. PLEASE IF YOU DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION A QUESTION or an enigma. THANKS.

I'd say about 200 meters in conditions ideals. The fact is that the arc lights in a kayak are mainly there to make it legal. Think about it, the least little bit of wave action, the lights are placed between the hollow and therefore invisible to other ships. And the boats have their lights on the ships mast and the engine has run its light on a pole. The best thing to do is be proactive to stop the other boats are there. Carry an air horn or whistle. A personal flash in the PFP is the best thing. It is not like other operators also hope to share many water with a kayak at night.

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